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Great athletes aren't made in a day. They hone their skills over years and years of dedicated practice. Impact Performance RX, a youth training gym in Columbus, GA, can help your young athlete unlock their full potential. We offer comprehensive youth performance training classes. You can trust our dedicated team of coaches to not only help your athlete grow, but also to build their confidence along the way.

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Which youth performance training program is right for your athlete?

Junior Varsity and Varsity programs

The Junior Varsity and Varsity programs are dedicated programs for all kids, regardless of athletic ability. They aren't designed to make your child a better baseball, football, or basketball player. They're designed to make them a better athlete!

Our highly trained coaches work to develop speed, strength, balance, coordination, injury prevention and-most importantly-confidence. By developing these athletic attributes, you'll give your child a competitive advantage that'll translate to their performance on the field, the court and even in life.

How they work

Our JV and Varsity classes are held Monday to Saturday each week. We limit the class size to 10 athletes per class, so your athlete is guaranteed to receive specific instruction. Our youth training gym offers 3-, 6-, and 12-month memberships. These allow your child to participate in an unlimited number of classes per month with a limit of one class per day. You'll save money with our flat monthly rate. The more your athlete uses their membership, the more you save.

Class structure of the Junior Varsity and Varsity program

When you reserve your spot online, our coaches will see who is in that class that day. They will design the daily program based on the athletes they have in that class. The coach will choose one of the daily programs and customize it to their class. Because each class is hand-designed based on the participants, your athlete will stay engaged for longer. Daily themes include:

  • Acceleration training
  • Top speed
  • Change of direction
  • Total conditioning
  • Competition day

What the JV and Varsity program will do for your child

Being the only youth training gym in Columbus, GA is great, but we build our programs to develop character before anything else. Our athletes will leave each session both physically and mentally stronger. We strive to build all athletic attributes, but we also strive to challenge our athletes in the community and classroom, so they're better prepared for life at the next level.

How Headstart gives your athlete a head start

Headstart focuses on building the foundation of athleticism in a motivating and fun environment. Our Headstart program exposes young athletes to body weight strength exercises in the form of games and competitions. It also exposes them to balance training, coordination training and speed training techniques that are safe and effective for young athletes.

How it works

The Headstart program is set up similarly to the JV and Varsity programs. We use a 10:1 athlete-to-coach ratio, and we offer classes Monday - Friday at 4:00 pm each week. The Headstart membership is available in 3-, 6-, and 12-month options with unlimited training.

How your child will get a true head start on the competition

We build strength and speed of movement, athletic ability and maturity of character. Our coaches have worked in Division I and professional programs and know what it takes to continually progress forward. Regardless of your child's current ability level or goals, you can rest assured that our program will help them reach their full potential.